Do you use Internet Explorer at work? Most people, who use other browsers when on their personal laptops or workstations, prefer using Internet Explorer at work. This is not only because of the security and other features that the browser provides; it is also because of the availability of Internet Explorer technical support online – which makes life easy for administrative and technical professionals worldwide.

While Internet Explorer is not really rated the best browser by popular choice, it is indeed a staple at most corporate and business enterprise setups. There are a few pros and cons that force this settlement – and we will discuss them along with the amount of influence that great Internet Explorer customer service has on choices for customers.

First the advantages:

  • Internet Explorer is a completely free and easy-to-install and easy-to-use browser. This means that even if you want to upgrade or tweak features according to your business needs – most of them usually cost you nothing.
  • Security is one of the most popular of reasons to choose Internet Explorer. Customer service is handy, technical features are robust and it provides firewalls and spam-walls that no other browser provides on the basic setup model. Centrally managed group policies included Auto-recovery and internal security features regulating malicious interference are all part of the package.
  • Internet Explorer technical support also vouches for the fact that using HTML5 is one of the core reasons that the browser can support streaming media and heavy usage pointers without having to install add-ons or plug-ins. This is a feature that has made IE one of the darlings of corporate platforms – which thrive on videos, audio segments and slide.
  • Automatic updates as well as compatibility with most platforms make IE one of the most widely used and relied on browsers as well.

Now the cons:

  • Speed is a worry. This does not mean that Internet Explorer customer service has not tried fixing it. Performance lag has been taken care of by Microsoft on its IE 11 version, as per their sources. Moreover, here is where Internet Explorer technical support team comes in handy – they prune the browser and tailor the features for you. This means more specs, less space.
  • Customization of the visual interface on IE is limited – which means you cannot use a Harry Potter skin on the browser like you can on others. However, this also means you are less vulnerable to external attacks via unreliable plug-ins or add-on features!
Internet Explorer customer service professionals can actually help you to upgrade your IE versions, improve performance snags like Flash player crashes or incompatibility of websites on the browser. Script debugging, cookie and cache clearance, optimizing security and performance of the browser – are all part of job of an Internet Explorer technical support team.
The IE is indeed the best browser when you are looking for a platform that is both secure and yet wieldy enough for you to work freely. A tech support team only enhances that experience multiple times for the better!

Author Bio: Being a freelance writer for many years now, Richard Bradford has many articles on various topics to his credit. His recent one on the pros and cons of Internal Explorer technical support is a worthy read.