We have never said that Valve is really interested in exploiting the sci viewer for virtual reality HTC maximum of its possibilities? No? Well, it is so: the developers will receive a drive without having to shell out a dollar.

If Oculus offers its kit for developers at a price a small enough (about $ 350), Valve intends to remove this step and offer its free developer edition viewer HTC Lives HR, developed together with the famous manufacturer of mobile.

gadgetObviously this is not a “den free all”, because Valve will decide who will receive the “gift” the gimmick, to be used to create a new generation of high-immersive video games for the user. In the coming weeks will be created a special page with a form to fill with your own details. In this way you will get the double goal of spreading the lives and to create a community of developers, who can compare their ideas.

The launch for the consumer market – ie we poor mortals – should take place by 2015, so we can assume that Valve and HTC are definitely in a hurry. At the same time, we doubt that the speakers of HTC and Valve are bottomless, and more importantly, that their power industry today is only addressed assemblage of developer kit Lives VR. For this reason the number of developers achieved by one of the kits will be free for relatively limited strength. These software engineer and their companies “selected” will be identified with the late spring.

The kit is intended to comprise a headset, two controllers, two base stations. Since we are talking about a product that looks a lot like a console like a Playstation, come to think about the effect that will have a free kit that market. A time to have a version for the development in advance could cost thousands of dollars – but are definitely finished those days, and small independent producers of video games are very important for the health of a platform.

At the same time, however, this means that they will be almost zero for individuals to be able to enjoy in advance of a VR Lives. Never mind: there are still content.