The new notebook HP Stream 14 has undergone a significant price increase after the arrival in Europe

Today we present a new notebook: it is called HP Stream 14 and will undoubtedly like to more than one, not only because the company is one of the best in the business sector but also because the hardware is very good; shame about the price, which has risen significantly compared to the standard, after the arrival of the notebook in Europe.

HPThe announcement of this HP Stream 14 was made ​​a few days ago and now we thought – it was obvious that he was, after all – a killer Chromebook, ie a sworn enemy of the Chromebook, since HP Stream 14 mounts Windows 8.1.

We said that this data sheet is really good, and in fact the following technical specifications, a device intended to be at the low end, are far from satisfactory:

  • Display 14″ with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels;
  • Processor: AMD APU A4 Mullins Micro-6400T.
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • From 16/32 GB internal storage;
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB 3.0, HDMI;
  • Other features: card reader and Webcam HD.

The starting price was very good, in line with those of Microsoft (which – as you know – has inizito a kind of campaign “199 dollars”): they left their classics by $ 200, which then came to 229 pounds with HP UK, ie to 368 dollars; the price, in short, has increased significantly and the only hope is the spread of mass prediction that certainly we do not dare to do.