Although it may seem strange to some on a daily basis, readers ask us how to uninstall Cydia from their iPhone. It may be because they have bought a second-hand iPhone and it comes with the jailbreak done or simply because they have some conflict between tweaks and are having problems that they do not know how to solve.

First of all, it must be explained that Cydia is not uninstalled, or rather: uninstalling it will not solve anything because what you want to remove or the problem you have is not Cydia, it is the jailbreak itself. Cydia is just an app store that allows you to install and modify things, but this is thanks to the jailbreak. In short, what you are looking for is ” how to remove the jailbreak ” from your iPhone, and with it, you will be able to remove Cydia and everything related to it.

Restore completely, the most direct wayHow to uninstall Cydia

The easiest way to remove the jailbreak from your iPhone is to restore it and leave it as a factory. Simply connect your iPhone to iTunes and hit the “restore” button.

You have to specify that there will be two ways to do it, reinstalling a backup and configuring it as a new iPhone. If you really want to eliminate all the problems of your iPhone, we advise you to configure your iPhone as a new iPhone, by entering your backup on the iPhone you can enter a corrupt configuration file and you will continue to have those problems. If you configure your iPhone as a new iPhone, you can re-enter your contacts and your applications but you will lose the photos and other data, so we recommend that you extract them before doing the process.

When your iPhone is in a situation in which iTunes does not recognize it and restoration is impossible. You must put it in DFU mode, for this, we connect the iPhone to the computer, press both the Home button and the sleep button for 10 seconds. , then we keep the home button pressed, but releasing the rest button. Next iTunes will say that it has found an iPhone in recovery mode and will force you to restore.

It is possible that your computer has modified the host’s file if you have ever jailbroken, used TinyUmbrella or tried to downgrade. In that case, you just have to locate the host’s file on your computer. And delete the line that corresponds to iTunes. If you are not capable you can always use a different computer.

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Restore and delete everything but without losing the jailbreak

Sometimes it may happen that you simply want to delete all the data on your iPhone but you do not want to change the version or want to lose the jailbreak, for that there is a tool in Cydia that we have tested and that works really well.

Its name is iLex Restore, you can download it by adding the repository

Simply open the icon that will be added to your screen and choose whether you want to erase all traces of the jailbreak with option 1 or absolutely all data on the iPhone with option 2, including everything you have installed through jailbreak.

Your iPhone will be like new, it will be in the same version but it will keep the jailbreak. You can also use SemiRestore to do it from the computer.

Remove the jailbreak but keep the iOS version

Currently, this is not possible through iTunes, Apple requires us to update to the latest version of iOS available. We can not stay in the same version.

If you want to do this you have two options, the first is to use the Cydia application that we have mentioned before iLex Restore and maintain the jailbreak even if you don’t use it; The second option is to go to the Settings of your iPhone, select General, Reset, Reset Content and Settings. This will erase all the content on your iPhone, including the jailbreak. But if you are jailbroken there is a risk that the iPhone will hang in the middle of the process. In that case, you will have to put your iPhone in DFU mode as we have explained and restored it completely.

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