It seems a lot of people would love to live the dream of being a web content writer. But how do you actually do it? This article reveals more so you can decide whether this is really for you.

Do you dream of being a web content writer? Many people do, but few are actually up to the task. It helps, then, to know what to expect so you know whether you could do it or not.


If you want to do this for a living you have to know how many opportunities are out there right now. You could write blog posts. You could write articles. You could write social media posts. You could write whatever takes your fancy that you happen to be pretty good at. Some writers love writing free reports or whitepapers, while others break out in a cold sweat at the thought. So you have to find out where you fit into the mix so you know where to look for work.

You could say the best way to become a writer of this kind is to practice, practice, and practice some more. You’d be right too. Some would-be writers start out by writing for web content writing services, rather than going it alone. Others will find their own clients right from the start. Still more will always follow a mix of the two. They will find some clients of their own and help out at a variety of web content writing services as well.

But in truth, whatever you do, you have to deliver excellent results. You’ll start by looking for lower-paid work and work your way up from there. Once you’ve proven you can deliver results, you can charge more. Good research is imperative too. However you should take that research and present it in your own words – and we’re not talking about paraphrasing either. We’re talking about amassing facts and using them to create something entirely new.

You should also know about keywords and how to use them without keyword stuffing, which is no longer likely to get you any awards (not that it ever did). If you are looking for work as a content writer you should be aware of keywords and how to use them. However you should also understand they can wreck an otherwise good piece of writing if used incorrectly. Always be prepared to follow the latest changes instilled by Google et al.

Keeping your content actionable is another great idea. People love to read things they can actually use. Sure it’s great to read something entertaining, but isn’t it better to read something that actually has advice and actionable tips in it? If you can produce content like this on a regular basis you should always be able to find work as a content writer.

Some people hate writing. You love it, and that is a prerequisite to finding work in this area. Why not make the most of it and earn a living at it?