Choosing the Citrix Certification path can be a lucrative choice to make since it promises great rewards and remuneration. The Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) and the Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator (CCAA) is the elementary and advanced level technical certifications provide by Citrix respectively.


The CCA certification is for individual seeking elementary knowledge of Citrix products. Its available for the XenDesktop, XenServer and XenApp models and can be qualified by passing a single exam, the “CCA 1Y0-A05”. This certification is aimed at testing and validating an IT professional’s basic knowledge on working in the Citrix environment.

Attaining the Citrix CCA certification can get IT professionals a job as a Citrix consultant, support personnel, contract employee, helpdesk staff and PC technician.

The advanced CCAA certification is however only available for the XenApp5 for Windows Server 2008. This certification requires knowledge about a more in-depth knowledge of the Citrix technology so as to be able to maintain and troubleshoot the XenApp5 for Windows 2008. The CCAA certification is recommended to those who want to push their boundaries and embrace an even more challenging work environment.

CCAA for XenApp 6

The prerequisites for appearing for the CCAA certification for XenApp 6 include:

  • Citrix A20 CCA for XenApp 6.5 or Citrix A18 CCA for XenApp 6
  • Fundamental knowledge of basic concepts of Windows server network such as DNS & IIS, load balancing, file & printing services, etc.
  • Knowledge of basic concepts of system administration
  • Experience working with Server R2 and Windows 2008
  • Thorough knowledge of XenApp 5
  • Experience working with group and directory policy
  • Experience working with server monitor tools

If candidates meet the knowledge and experience requirement they can directly appear for the advanced exam (1Y0-A18) to attain the CCAA certification for XenApp 6. The CCAA certification will attest an IT professional’s skills in monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing a Windows 2008 and Server R2 environment.

CCAA for XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008

Also known as the 1Y0-A08 exam, this Citrix certification assists IT professionals in getting a better career in Citrix technologies. The examination comprises of 55 questions and the duration is 210 minutes of non-English speakers and 170 for native English speakers. The topics tested during the exam include:

  • Maintaining and protecting data systems and servers
  • Monitoring, maintenance and management of the systems
  • System configurations as per needs
  • Deriving greater output of and optimal utilization of resources

Obtaining the CCAA XenApp 5 certification makes IT professionals eligible for a variety of positions such as Certified Instructor for Citrix Systems, System Admin, Citrix Consultant, Citrix Access Partner, SMEs. The responsibilities include monitoring, maintenance and technical support for a XenApp 5 environment.

What are your takes on the Citrix Certified Advanced Administration (CCAA) training and certification? Do you think it should be made available for the Desktop and Server version? Share your thoughts and opinions with us below.