When we talk about action cameras all have clear who is the king of the segment, points, points lower, the truth is that people GoPro pioneered when creating the concept of action cameras, and over time have shown they do their job in the best way.

Year after year we see the launch of a new version of the famous action camera, and this year is no exception, but with some differences that are sure to leave delighted fans of extreme sports.

CameraWith the new GoPro Hero 4 Session, the brand breaks the original design to transform it into an even more compact, durable and easy to use format. For their abilities away from the latest in video technology, we will have 4K, but if we FullHD 60fps, enough to immortalize any day of adventure sport or vlogueo.

Among the main features of the GoPro Hero4 Session we can be found:

  • It can dive to 10 meters deep, ejecting the liquid from the microphone in only 1 second after leaving the water.
  • Also uses a similar to our ears membrane, thus protecting the most sensitive parts (those that can not get wet).
  • It has dual microphone which has the ability to identify whether the “principal” is saturated, if so automatically changes to that is not to improve the experience when recording. This improvement will be great for all who enjoy recording on beaches or on motorcycles, where the wind can cause problems with the audio.
  • The battery can not be removed (that is 1030 mAh).
  • It is capable of recording 1080p video at 60 fps (H.264 codec, .mp4 file format) and take pictures 8Mpx.
  • Weight: 74 grams.
  • It will have two versions of the same features but with different accessories (surfboard holder, and other plug FCS).

Depending on the brand, this new camera is the work of three years and will be available from this month in the United States, although it is already published at the official site of GoPro, sale yet It begins and there is only the possibility of registering your email so you can be the first to know about its sale.