Google invests in company officially aerospace SpaceX Elon Musk. The aim is to get rid of the insidious telecom with a network of satellites in low orbit.

Elon Musk – Google has joined forces with Fidelity, Founders Fund and others for a round of funding to SpaceX, the aerospace company of Elon Musk. The round amounts to a billion dollars, and although it is not the 10 that predicted yesterday, the Wall Street Journal, it is still an interesting start to a long friendship.

googleThe entire sum of $ 10 billion is what SpaceX is worth, and – coincidentally – is also what Musk foresees as necessary for its broadband satellite network, hundreds, that will make much faster internet and, one day, will connect to a network similar to Mars, placed there in order to be ready to accommodate future explorers.

With every passing day it became clear that the draft Musk has much in common with the Project Loon Google. The satellites of SpaceX, in fact, is designed to travel at very low orbit, while the balloons Google are experienced to a great height. The idea, however, is basically similar to eliminate the need for expensive, limited terrestrial network.

Google wants to fund a $ 10 billion of the Internet Satellite Elon Musk

Elon Musk – The fact that Google will like the idea of a broadband satellite network not think surprise anyone. After you have invested a few million dollars in the ambitious – but not so ‘ambitious – project Loon, the network of satellites in 2000 advocated by Elon Musk must have made ​​at least come a bout of hysterical laughter to Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

If bought Nest for $ 3 billion, why not invested $ 10 in a future where the telecom, at the end of the fair, will cease to be relevant and to impede the project to bring the Internet into every home at low price? An investment of Google in SpaceX is a choice for common sense. Where Google is inspired but often unable to complete their visions , Musk comes as a target missile. Not very noticeable, because the entrepreneur is already pointing to four ideas even more ambitious!

The fact remains that those 10 billion, which are expected to cost as the network of satellites, are also more or less what it’s worth SpaceX, with all hopes of an aerospace program suite perched on the shoulders and a contract with NASA in full swing d ‘work.

Elon Musk would not even need a new lender, strictly speaking: it is not a startup in Silicon Valley who has an idea popular but zero plans for monetizzarla, is a company that is developing a commercial spacecraft burning stages and winning every challenge . For years, does not collect investment – it’s just that if you want to transform the destiny of the Internet with a new constellation orbital (which meant to get to Mars), you need a bit ‘of money. And those funds are burning in the pockets of Google, to the point of making a nice hole.