The drones flying well today control the Barrier Reef of Belize here is what they do every day

The drones are perhaps the most beautiful and interesting of the progress made ​​by humans in technology, there are various types and all are members to different tasks: the robot is that now deliver medicine in a small island in the North of Germany ; there is what helps the French police and there is even one that delivery smartphones : all systems that will be improved over time and that, rather than replace the man – how dare someone already – will be able to greatly improve their lives.

TechToday is one of many cases, but it struck us particularly: the October issue of Focus, in fact, speaks of drones that save the corals; if you do not know anything, you’ve come to the right place:

  • There are two air-robot hired to combat illegal fishing and protect the coral reef local: working in Belize, a small country in the center.
  • They are ultra-light aircraft with a wingspan of two meters; with electric motor, have autonomy to be one hour.
  • Their activity is apparently very simple: once the inspection is completed, fall and are taken to an operator who download movies recorded and make sure that there were, in fact, cases of illegal fishing.
  • You understand, then, that are equipped with a video camera: do not intervene, of course, on the fact (this is fiction), but still allow to trace the offender to turn.
  • Help as many as 70 guardapesca: getting them, in fact, continue to control the 300 kilometers of coast two hundred islands.