Sometimes tech gadgets become a tool to meet new people; other times they are used to clarify misunderstandings or recompose the lawsuit.

Often we use our technological gadgets, such as tablets, smartphones, personal computers and the like, to navigate on social networks, with the intent to learn about other people or to hold more frequent contact, even if virtual, with people who already know live.

TechOther times we happen to use these tools of modernity to redial the lawsuit or to tell our concerns about the behavior of others. The hi-tech etiquette, in such cases, requires a direct relationship, although not preclude the device with middle interlocutory, maybe to try to break the ice.

It ‘obvious, though, that things get better clarify, when there are misunderstandings, meeting attendance, especially if the feeling that binds people together is not superficial. The text messages, whether in the form of emails, text messages or other similar nature, are in fact incapable of feeding an open discussion and flexible, made of emotions and eyes that tell the truth.

The direct comparison helps to have a better perception of the situation, because it navigates in an immediate dimension, made up of feelings and words that communicate definitely better than a cold relationship based on typed words, as smoky. Look into the eyes, immediately exchanging opinions, be studied in attitudes, it helps to understand the situation in the skin, removing the mask that can give away the keyboard and possible misunderstandings by simply writing.