The technology brings with it many benefits, but it has a downside, in terms of habits. Sometimes we misuse our gadgets.

The use of technological gadgets requires certain precautions to avoid bad habits. Who wants to stand for style should be used to best hi-tech etiquette. In some cases, certain practices are not inherently negative, but become so in certain contexts.

GadgetAnd ‘the case of the use of ring tones and strange rings on your smartphone , which in general can also be a nice expression of a desire to have fun commendable in its background colors, but sometimes the risk is to communicate an image and saucy irreverent, unprofitable in terms in more formal contexts, where the class must occur in all shades, even in minor aspects.

Imagine we are in a table where you define a business or in the middle of a gala. In such situations, the announcement of an incoming call with a melody preposterous (type siren blaring or track tamarro) does not produce a good reflection on our “reputation”, impacting on the idea that others make of us.

Maybe we’ll even the best people in the world, but when we have to assess who has little time available, these details may be of a specific weight importantly, becoming a kind of litmus test of our style, with all that this entails. Avoid certain exuberance, therefore, helps us to communicate a more healthy and elegant, giving a better sense of ourselves, at the same time taking away from certain embarrassments, such as the arrival of a phone call weird and loud, in a frame environment of great refinement.