The new technological applications open other pages in the book of etiquette, putting problems did not exist before.

The hi-tech etiquette requires the proper use of technology, which offers a continuous stream the fruits of an ongoing research work and experimentation.

Among the items most topical, there are drones, which could be envisaged for a very extended use, even in the private sector. This places new demands in terms of etiquette and privacy.

DronesUse the remote controlled appliances can pose a risk to safety, but also for the quiet life of the people, which could be taken up and enjoyed the film as an object who does not pose the problem of respect for others.

Fundamental, in such cases, it is common sense, which leads to understand what the limits are not exceeded, because our sensory benefit does not necessarily coincide with that of others, even when we are led to think wrongly.

Wrong, then, encroaching on the privacy of others or engage in work the next video without having prior consent, not only for the possible legal wrangling, but a predisposition to the style that must take precedence over everything else.

Better to shoot a landscape rather than the neighbor while watering the plants or sunbathing in the grounds of his villa. It does not take long to realize that the abuse does not make us honor and draw us a bad reputation. It takes little to avoid being painted as troublemakers. Better, then, to behave well.