One of the problems of camera phones is the digital zoom Get good results involves a number of compromises in size and shape to incorporate optical zoom factor. For example: Nokia 1020 Samsung Galaxy K OR Zoom, two excellent terminals in the photographic section but with the introduction of a necessary hump. Sensors improve, yes, but in the optical seems difficult to see progress not involving thicker.

GadgetDynaOptics is a startup that wants to introduce optical zoom systems on smartphones tomorrow without added thickness. Its technology is based on a similar series of progressive lenses that move from side to side to change the zoom depending on what we need.

Zoom 3X but with room for improvement

According to this company of Chinese origin, the first units of testing will be available early next year. If the tests go well and manufacturers interested in Dynaoptics, we could see (according to them) the first commercial mobile technology later this year or early 2016.

The progressive lens system is a set of concave and convex rectangular crystals combined party can move sideways to get optical zoom in a different way than they do conventional cameras. An electric motor is responsible for moving them and put them in your site.

Those who have had the opportunity to see the prototype say it’s just as thick as two tabs Scrabble game. In all that size lens module so you should add the other elements of a mobile camera focuses final set. For now it is able to make gains even 3X hope to double that figure in the final prototype.

Anyway zoom in is not their main concern. As Still image quality than expected walk away and know they need to work on this section to provide a good solution to handset manufacturers. The theoretical approach is good but it remains to see if they can solve it well to make it happen.