Today’s companies spend significant amounts of money attracting visitors to their website, but an even bigger challenge for them is to retain these visitors. This is where many companies fail.

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The main reason that customers leave sites is a bad customer experience, but many firms fail to conduct a thorough analysis of what the issues could be.

The analysis of user behaviour should not only focus on the technology, design or usability of the site but also the overall customer experience. As recently reported, customer experience is amongst the top priorities of businesses. A recent PwC report shows that the key priorities for CEOs for their digital investments is primarily to achieve revenue growth, and this is closely followed by the improvement of the customer experience.

Customer experience testing can be carried out in many different ways, and each organisation should consider which method is going to work best for their particular needs. Here are some methods of handling such an analysis.

In-House Testing

First, testing can be done with an in-house team, which can offer instant responses and the chance to change or improve anything that the team might consider to be negatively affecting the user experience. For effective in-house testing, members of the team have to turn into real customers and view everything from this angle.

Crowd testing

Another way to tackle customer experience testing is to use the power of the crowds. This can bring real customer feedback and can be used several times during the product’s lifecycle. Customer feedback is really important and to get creative with reaching out you might consider social media, content creation and press releases which is all part of companies like ryco seo belfast agency expertise.  Because they provide SEO Belfast way you contact them any time and they will be glad to help you.  Important factors to analyse include navigation, user interface (UI), design, and functionality, to name just a few. Today, there is even a software testing service available that uses thousands of software developers to provide feedback.

Group testing

A third route for reviewing the experience of users is to consult a selected group of customers who can give instant feedback. The advantage of this approach is that this is smaller group and its members can be selected from the target audience, and they can convey their opinion about the company or the product instantly.

Well-conducted and thorough customer experience analysis can bring a competitive advantage to any business along with a loyal base of customers that appreciate the good experience offered by the company.