The current remotes could soon grow old, if they will foot some alternative solutions that innovate these devices.

Comcast announces a remote voice, which changes the traditional mode of use. We are used to handle everything from the keyboard, to manually change the volume or change the TV channel. In a not too distant future we could put behind the current methods of government of the television and other electronic devices.

gadgetThe US company, which is the largest cable operator in the US and one of the leading media enterprises in the world, wants to provide news to its subscribers, staring at the pieces of a great revolution, to use terms dear to the management.

The remote control that comes as we are dealing with many others, but there is a button for the item, holding down which you can give the input audio for ordering the execution of an operation.

This device does not need to precise sequences of words, because it is able to interpret the meaning of phrases such: just use a language similar to the action which it intends to take.

The commands include things like “turn the channel XYZ”, “enable subtitles”, “find XYZ” and more. There are also buttons for manual control, when it is considered more convenient for the operation or for any other reason. The hope is to make this thing a kind of central control, can also be used for web searches, bookings and more.