Twelve24 borrows the e-ink technology to build a gadget as simple as attractive. The ClockONE is a watch from the minimalist design that uses a small battery to show the time for a full year.

The introduction of e-ink technology or e-paper was a small revolution in the world of electronics and gadgets from consumption. Come into the market in the late 90’s that kind of display has led to the emergence of a category of electronic gadgets among the most popular and widely available today.

TechThe best digital book readers or e-book reader, make use of electronic ink to provide a visual quality and unparalleled reading, which plays an extremely similar to that of the paper and reduce consumption dramatically increasing the ‘autonomy than an LCD.

Mitchelides Andy and Chris Lenard decided to apply this technology to something other than a player. ClockONE, their creature, was born following the path of design and development of various electronic products, to demonstrate and emphasize the possible uses of ‘e-ink.

The startup has decided to give life to one of these products, a watch design simple and undemanding in terms of maintenance. ClockONE is extremely thin and is made ​​of a light and flexible material and wears a minimalist figures identical to those of the watches digital.

The gadget is 1 m wide, 35.7 cm high and 5.5 mm thick and can be anchored to a wall via magnetic coupling. It has a control panel rather simple (+ and -) and a 12/24 hour mode. Thanks to the use of e-ink, which deals mark the numbers, the power requirements are quite low and it takes a small button battery to ensure a year of autonomy.

Twelve24 is funded on Kickstarter and the minimum amount to take possession of one of the models is currently $ 100.