When speaking of cloud storage is a little theme monopolized in a few services that are carried by it somehow, the largest share of the cake. Dropbox and Google Drive have years of experience in this area and have evolved enough to become the first choices when seeking a service of this kind, but there are a little more “new” proposals gradually trying to catch up to it, and Box is one of them.

OfficePersonally I use Box as storage service in the cloud for quite some time, and fulfills its main function is to have a “hard disk” in the cloud, but lacks certain features that larger services already have and that in these times are needed, for example, the ability to create and edit files compatible with Microsoft office.

Well, Box comes a time working with Microsoft and finally managed to implement what they call for Microsoft Online Box function that can create and edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) from Box.com, without installing anything more.

Box works in much the same way as does Dropbox who made the same alliance with Microsoft for months over how, allows us to create documents directly and also by opening edit documents from the “open with” option (open with), selecting suite Microsoft and application.

Among the improvements we can find the ability to share files through Office Online Box. Competition in this segment of services is difficult, but there is room for everyone if their proposals are good, and in the case of Box that although not as popular has managed to provide good quality service.