Running a bakery or a sandwich shop comes with its own set of unique difficulties, but perhaps the best known one is the necessity to predict or have a good idea of what you are likely to sell during a day so you do not create any surplus and are still able to please your customers’ tastes. Whether you are running a busy bake shop in the central business district, or a small suburban cafeteria that sells tea and scones, you will benefit greatly from using POS software to run your business.

Keeping Track of the Inventory

The main feature of POS software is the ability to track fully the inventory in your shop. You will be able to record all ingredients as they come in and you will be able to record desserts and other meals as they are made. They will then become available as items to sell to your customers.

Because you are keeping track electronically of numbers and ingredient lists, you will no longer have those situations when something runs out and you didn’t know. The system is capable of warning you at thresholds you set so that you are reminded about going to stock up on new items for the fridge or the pantry.

Tracking Statistics

One of the most useful features for bakeries when it comes to POS software is the tracking capabilities. You will be able to access a full record of what was sold and in what quantities. This will help you in planning the batches that you bake each morning.

Additionally, if you see in the last few hours of the day that a certain item wasn’t selling very well, you will have a chance to mark them down and sell them off in bulk to the late-afternoon crowd, as you will see that the leftover products are going to stay overnight if you do not do something about it quickly!

Increases Staff Efficiency and Decreases Errors

Businesses lose a lot of money due to staff errors and inefficiency every year and sometimes you just do not have the resources to keep training people and being patient with them. As a business owner, software solutions offer a lot of good solutions to this problem. When staff can only enter information by choosing from pre-defined items on a menu, there is almost no room for error. Any inconsistencies and mistakes are easily seen and can be corrected by the customer or the staff member at any time during the ordering and payment process. This system also increases direct interaction time with the client as the staff member does not have to take time to write things down and take them to the kitchen if something needs to be prepared.