Users are constantly looking for various forms of entertainment to distract from the daily routine. And with the advances of the Internet and technology, there are many options that are available today. We share the best entertainment trends for 2019.

The tastes are very varied, and although some retain more conventional preferences for the practices of recreational activities, innovations offer the individual multiple options to choose from, with great technology and superior technological resources.

What are mobile games at the moment?

Games for smartphones are part of those entertainment resources that most fans have. In the diary of avidviladicto, you can find the best tips, information, and news of the latest in videogames, apps. And games for all those fans who like to stay up to date to enjoy the trends.

On the various platforms, there is a large number of products for all tastes, which can be found free of charge and paid for. One of the most played mobile titles of the moment is Brawl Stars, which entered the international market in 2018 and can be obtained on Google Play.

In 2019 came Alien: Blackout, a strategy game that can also be downloaded from the Google store. Others that are dominating the market are The Escapist 2. For its great gameplay, and Fortnite, which has not stopped adding fans since its launch.

The best entertainment trends for 2019

Stadia: the new streaming platform for Googleentertainment trends

It has not been released yet and is already generating a lot of news around it, announced to be one of the big releases of 2019. Players around the world are looking forward to Google Stadia. The video game platform that promises to revolutionize the market, reaching about 2 billion players worldwide.

To play you will not need any type of external equipment, it will be compatible with different screens or devices, being able to play from your mobile, computer or tablet. In addition, the platform is designed with the infrastructure of Google, which has a performance, capacity, and power superior to anyone in the market. It is one of the best entertainment trends for 2019.

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The engines it supports are Vulkan, Havok, and Unity, the connection will be made directly with the different servers of Google and players can share information and play with friends from any device. Likewise, a person who sees streaming via YouTube can join a game in real-time.

New options for the enjoyment of television

Audiovisual content is one of the biggest distractions for many years. Nowadays, there are many ways to watch series, programs, and movies. A good option to access a lot of information is thanks to satellite television. And to get the encoded signal you can use Iris decoders, which allow you to see a large number of channels for free.

With these innovations, the encoders also offer alternatives in HD to have the content in higher quality. In addition, a decoding device must be modern to be compatible with devices such as tablets and phones.

The option of having thousands of channels gives people the opportunity to enjoy more entertainment. To take advantage of the decoders you must also have a satellite dish to receive the satellite signal.

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Radio control cars: a fashion among children and adultsentertainment trends

Many current toys are not exclusive to children, they are also bought by many adults who want to try this equipment and distract themselves in a healthy way. One of the best online stores is RC Cars, where you can get all the necessary information before buying. As well as the comparisons of the different cars. It is one of the best entertainment trends for 2019.

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These radio control cars can be with gasoline or electric; They have a large number of models in the market and can be chosen according to their size and the land in which they will be used. Depending on the design, they can come with non-slip tires, stability, and great power.

The cars are driven through a control device to move them from the place. Those who dedicate themselves to this hobby usually dedicate many hours to have complete control of the team. But when reaching certain levels of skill, many fans become professionals, participating in a large number of competitions.