If you look around you, it is highly likely that you will notice someone using an electronic device. It could be a smartphone or a tablet but how does this play into your business marketing? The point here is that the world has gone digital and as an entrepreneur, your marketing message must go the same way.

Digital Signage in Brief

Traditionally, you mostly marketed your business on paper. This could be on billboards or other forms of signage. Today however, you have to be versatile and put up with the times. Your customers are looking for instant information and this is where digital signage comes in.

This interactive gateway allows you to stay in touch with your customer in real-time. It is a no-brainer then that digital signage represents the future of marketing especially in bar and restaurant industries. Take a look at the reason why this is the best marketing technique for your operations:

  • Total control of the message: In a quick-service situation, you need to provide marketing information as situations change. You are in control of what customers see at any time. If business is in a restaurant, you can give an enticing offer to draw in more foot traffic.
  • Brand consistency: Digital signage helps you to interact with customers by providing relevant information thus winning their trust. For example, if an accident happens nearby you can add such info on your signage and they will always value your brand.
  • It pays for itself: If you are creative, you can sell advertising space for products that complement your services. For instance in a bar setting you can provide information about the best mixer in the market. In essence, you will not have to chip into your pockets for a marketing budget.
  • Marketing in real-time: Unlike traditional posters, you will be able to communicate in real time with clients. For example, there is no need to advertise a cold drink on a freezing day while you have hot coffee in stock. You just have to change the promo and voila! Business goes on.
  • Consistency of marketing message: If you have a chain of stores, it is easy to display a universal marketing message. This uniformity ensures there are no conflicts in terms of the message you pass across.
  • Informative marketing: If you are able to leverage on the best digital signage templates, you can easily keep your customers engrossed by providing relevant information. For instance, giving a quick background and high points of your business while a customer is waiting helps him/her understand you better.
  • Flexibility: Traditional signage lacks one thing and that is flexibility. With digital signage, you have a tool that can turn from a marketing system in one minute to an entertainment tool in the next.
  • Intelligent marketing: You can go a step further and integrate anonymous video analytics (AVA) to provide personalized display. For example, a vending machine can provide recommendations based on the age, gender and weather conditions. In short, you will be marketing what a customer is most likely to buy.

The opportunities offered by digital signage are infinitesimal. You just have to try it out and enjoy the immense opportunity offered by this advertising system


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