iOS is an operating system developed by Apple. In the beginning, iOS was intended for Apple smartphones, iPhone. But over time this system was also installed to iPod touch and iPad. However, it is an exclusive operating system for brand devices. So it is not possible for us to install this system on any other devices. We share the best antiviruses for iOS.

One of the great advantages of this operating system is the security it offers us. Unlike other operating systems, iOs maintains a much stricter application validation process and more robust firmware, this prevents amateur or malicious developers from exposing malicious applications on the App Store platform.

iOs is considered the safest operating system, but because of so many device thefts. Apple created a control system called iCloud that protects the data of the owner of the device. Making it unusable and with the possibility of locating it by GPS.

Within the world of iOS, there is no virus or malware terminology properly, since its protection system does not allow applications to access the most sensitive components of the software, so the antivirus itself does not exist for iOS. But if we can find different security tools developed by the same creators of the best-known antivirus that offer greater protection to our iPhone and iPad, covering those holes that the system does not protect.

With all this, iOs is a very secure system in many aspects. But even so, any device that is exposed to the Internet must be protected from viruses and malware. Having one of these security tools makes the device less vulnerable. For this reason, here we show you the best antivirus for iOS.

List of the 10 best antiviruses for iOS

Lookout Mobile Securitybest antiviruses for iOS

This is an antivirus available for operating systems such as Android and iOS. It has features to locate the mobile device through any computer connected to the Internet. It also keeps the user informed when new antivirus updates are presented. So it is possible to keep up to date and avoid keeping an outdated version.

One of its latest updates presents the monitoring of attacks through Wi-Fi networks, a very useful tool when connecting to strange networks. Maintains a constant alert when outdated applications are installed, as these can become security holes.

Finally, when the phone is lost or stolen, it allows its location and saves its last position if the phone shows battery failures or is turned off, it also keeps the alert sound emission available.

Norton Mobile Securitybest antiviruses for iOS

It is a well-known and good antivirus for computer protection, but we can argue that even its mobile version is better. This makes it one of the best antiviruses for iOS. It offers high web protection when browsing, it is possible to locate the device.

One of its most important functions related to protection is that it presents a proactive payment protection system, which makes its users safe in the presence of fraudulent applications. An important point is that when the subscription is made several devices can be added to enjoy the services.

Avira Mobile Securitybest antiviruses for iOS

Browsing the internet jeopardizes the security of our equipment and when we talk about mobile equipment, our identity is often exposed. Avira allows to protect the identity of the device, an element that we cannot always be sure of, protects against phishing attacks that can arrive from web pages or emails and generates a report about what was found. It is one of the best antiviruses for iOS.

This antivirus for iOS scans the processes that are developed on the mobile device in order to find potentially malicious elements. It is related to the antivirus mentioned in that it has a location tool. A tool that this app also offers is a memory and storage analyzer. So you can explore the most remote places of the device and release it if necessary.

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McAfee Securitybest antiviruses for iOS

This is an immediate reference to mention in the best antivirus for iOS. A highly known brand that also presents some important tools that protect our most precious information and content. For those most important and private files, MacAfee Security has a tool called “safe” where you can save photos or videos so that the indiscreet should not see. To protect this type of information, the app uses the establishment of a master password. Which if you try to violate, the application takes a photo of the person who is trying to open that file. It is one of the best antiviruses for iOS.

Your tools in case of loss or theft of the mobile, not only remain in the location. But it is possible to take a photo of the person who is trying to access the files of the mobile. If the phone has been lost or stolen, when it is in the location indicated by the GPS. A signal can be sent so that the device plays an alert sound even if the device is silent.

F-Secure safebest antiviruses for iOS

On the Internet, there are endless websites that put the privacy and security of our iPhone, iPad. And iPod Touch devices in danger, with this antivirus for iOS, security is guaranteed since when accessing any page. The antivirus does a scan of it and notifies if there are malignant elements for the device.

And since the security of the devices is not only in malware protection. This app offers a very useful tool to prevent minors from accessing websites that are not suitable for them.

Kaspersky Safe Browser

An antivirus that we will surely install at some time in our computer is Kasperky. In its mobile version, it is one of the best antiviruses for iOS. It is also a protection specialist when surfing the Internet. Its constant update allows it to know to detect malicious pages in real-time and prevent the entry from the device to these pages.

This is a data protection specialist. If you find yourself browsing suspicious pages that can perform some phishing action to obtain your bank details or other important data, the app will notify you immediately. Likewise, it presents options to filter content and show only the information of interest. This tool can work as a protection system for parents.

Trend Micro Mobile Securitybest antiviruses for iOS

This is a proposal made by one of the best-known companies in computer security. Its mobile version, especially for iOS, is a tool that places special emphasis on 3 elements of great importance to us. Such as web browsing, social networks, and malicious content.

This app has its own browser in order to avoid falling into sites with content that affects the software of the mobile. Check accounts on social networks to verify its proper functioning or check the exposure of information on pages. Such as Facebook and twitter, finally, It has a protective shield against malignant elements that tries to impair the operation of the device.

Also related to navigation security, this tool allows you to make revisions in Wi-Fi networks. Learn how data consumption is going and the GPS location function.

MobiShieldbest antiviruses for iOS

An application that is available for free in the iOS store, an excellent tool that scans the computer for failures or problems that interfere with the operation or privacy of the device. As another of its important features, this application allows you to save important information and have it available at any time. It is possible to maintain control over the mobile navigation data that is being used. It is one of the best antiviruses for iOS.

These include other features such as monitoring battery usage, supporting important information. Such as telephone contacts and monitoring and reviewing Wi-Fi network connections. This last feature allows you to connect securely to an unknown Wifi network. Because in case the network has failures or is insecure, the application sends a notification.

Avast for iOSbest antiviruses for iOS

Avast is a well-known antivirus in computer protection and is also available to protect apple mobile devices. One of the most important tools that this app has is that it protects the personal information available on your device to prevent unsafe pages from trafficking private information.

An even more striking fact is that a VPN function that prevents the restriction of web pages is incorporated. Therefore it is possible to access any page and with guaranteed protection and alert.

Although the iOS operating system is extremely secure, there are some holes that this system cannot cover. Therefore, all these applications offer different tools that allow you to cover. And enjoy actions that make web use and browsing more comfortable and secure.

You cannot speak properly of antivirus for the iOS system. So if in the online store you are interested in finding new applications like these, look for them as applications as security tools.