Undoubtedly, the YouTube app is one of the most downloaded and used in the smartphone. It is used both to watch videos and to listen to music. We will not explain how it works because we are sure that you master it perfectly. No. Today is the time to talk about an alternative to YouTube that you probably did not know and you will love it. You can not miss it.

The best alternative to YouTube

YouPlayeralternative to YouTube

The YouTube app does not always give us what we need-maybe we’ve become fussy. The issue is that there are several alternative apps to play YouTube on our devices. Youplayer is one of them, although it is only available for the iPhone.

It is an unofficial YT app suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This has a video search engine.

It allows playing videos in the quality that we choose (even in streaming).

“Premium” function: Space Kids, channels chosen only for boys and girls.

You can log in with your account and thus access your playlists and favorites.

Of course, it allows you to read and post comments.

As a negative, we can say that in its latest update is no longer useful to play YouTube in the background, something that made it one of the “top”. But do not worry, because below you have what you are looking for, keep reading this article.

Video Tubealternative to YouTube

Video Tube is one of the favorites of iPhone users as an alternative to YouTube. Let’s see its main characteristics:

Allows you to open videos directly with a widget in the Notifications center.

Interface VERY intuitive and QUICK.

Search for videos, not only on YouTube but on other platforms such as Dailymotion or Vimeo.

Allows access to our own account.

We can do everything we can in the original app: subscribe to channels, leave comments, search, see our history, add to play later …

Protubealternative to YouTube

Of Protube we have spoken on previous occasions, but we believe that it deserves a position in this post due to its wide range of functionalities. It has been erected over time as one of the best alternatives to listen to YouTube on the iPhone. But why?

It allows the reproduction of videos in any quality, including the 4k.

Supports up to 60fps.

It lets you listen to YouTube music in the background.

Its design is modern and its interface very easy to use (other than very complete and NO ads).

View blocked videos for mobile devices.

All the functions of original YT and much more.

As a small counter, we have its price, which does not reach 5 dollars, but that can already throw back some of the most thrifty pockets.

YouTube pressed Apple until the Apple Store application was withdrawn. However, it is still available in Cydia. We leave the link.

SnapTubealternative to YouTube

SnapTube is not found in Google Play or the App Store, but we do have it in two markets of reliable alternative apps such as UpToDown and aptoide. Below the image, we leave the link of your official website.

Snaptube is presented as a music download, but we include it in the list because it also has the functionality of the original YouTube application.

It allows searching for videos through keywords or keywords.

It supports not only videos of this platform, but also of Facebook, VINE, Vimeo, Metacafe, Instagram, Dailymotion, and a few others.

Very complete and perfect to have mp3 music on your mobile directly from YouTube.

Free alternative platforms to YouTube and YouTube Premium

Apart from YouTube, where else can I watch videos? This is the big question that many users ask themselves when they look for an alternative to the Google video platform.

And is that while it is true that YouTube is the most visited video website in the world, it is also fair to mention that there are other platforms and pages of videos like YouTube that are really interesting and that have been stomping in recent times.

So, if you want to enjoy exclusive content, watch videos in 4k or have the possibility to download completely free, then we leave you with 7 great alternatives that you can not miss:


During the last years, videogame competitions have become one of the most popular events on the Internet. Much of this success is due to Twitch, a video streaming platform that has become a benchmark among gamers, reaching more than 15 million users a day. An absolute barbarity.

In Twitch you will find everything you need a videogame enthusiast: competitions and live videos, reviews of the latest videogames that have come onto the market, thousands of gameplays, broadcasting of multitudinous events … All this in a simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to reach the content you are looking for without complications.

But this is not all, but users can also interact live thanks to their chat or organize solidarity events to raise money. Also, Twitch has affiliate programs and Partners that generate revenue for content creators, a feature that makes it a strong YouTube competition.

Do not you think about it anymore. If you want to be part of the extensive Twitch community and eSports competitions, just go to the Play Store or App Store and download the app for free. You will have a great time!


One of the alternative pages to YouTube with more potential and short-term travel is DailyMotion, a French video portal that has 300 million users worldwide and 3.500 million views per month. In fact, this data has catapulted it as the second most used platform after YouTube in many countries, including France and Spain.

One of the most interesting aspects of DailyMotion is that videos can be saved to be viewed offline, a feature that gives a point in favor of YouTube because to enjoy this feature in the Google portal we are obliged to subscribe to YouTube Premium. It is one of the alternative to YouTube.

Regarding the specifications of load, DailyMotion has a certain disadvantage if we compare it with YouTube, being able to upload videos of up to 2GB and 60 minutes, far from the 128GB or 12 hours allowed by Google service.

For everything else, DailyMotion has little to envy to the leading video platform on the market. These are some of its main functions and characteristics :

Compatible with numerous video and audio formats (.mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi, .wmv).

Creation of playlists according to thematic.

Great variety of content.

Videos in Full HD. Supports resolution up to 1080p.

Tools to insert and exchange videos in other platforms or services.

Compatible with different platforms, such as the PS4 or Smart TV.

On the other hand, the portal has a very friendly interface so that the different elements are clearly arranged and, as a result, the novice users can quickly learn to move through the application.

In addition, DailyMotion also allows you to monetize the videos or offer paid premium content to followers. For this, the user can even control their income with their own analysis tool or customize the player by inserting partner widgets that pay to appear in the video.

In short, if you want a user-friendly video service, with a wide range of free content and have the possibility to earn money with your creations, Dailymotion will not disappoint you.


Vimeo is a platform to upload videos specialized mainly in artistic content. Born in the United States in 2004, it was founded by two filmmakers who had the idea of creating a portal where they could upload their creations, and in this way, capture the attention of the directors.

In this sense, Vimeo’s content is a little different from what you can see on YouTube or Dailymotion and focuses on high-quality videos of short films, movie trailers, documentaries or music videos. And it is that those users who bet for Vimeo usually look for professional and elaborated material. It is one of the alternative to YouTube.

One of the strengths of the service is that, as in Dailymotion, the videos can be downloaded to the device for later viewing when there is no Internet connection available. It should also be noted that their videos do not incorporate any type of advertising, so you will not have ads halfway through and you will not see annoying banners.

On the other hand, although you can enjoy many free videos. You also have the option to buy exclusive content on Vimeo On Demand from a small price of 0.99 dollars. In Vimeo, you will reward the work of the artists.

However, one of the problems of Vimeo for the average user is that you can only upload 500MB of videos per month for free. To enjoy more load capacity, you will be forced to pay for the “Plus” version, which has a cost of $ 11.99 per month or $ 84.99 per year in exchange for 5GB of upload per week.

For this last reason, Vimeo is a bit behind in figures regarding YouTube or DailyMotion, being the third option in Spain. However, if you are interested in independent film or want to be part of a professional community, Vimeo should be your choice.


Russian YouTube. This is how RuClip is known, a clone of the Google portal -the content is exactly the same- with the option to download the free videos without any type of program or subscription. Such is the similarity between both platforms. That when you enter the web you will have the feeling of being in YouTube itself. They have even copied the visualization in Dark Mode! It is another alternative to YouTube.

And now you will ask yourself, what is the secret? While the videos can be viewed entirely without advertising, ads appear next to each video that, in principle, are the ones that generate the benefits. For everything else (comments, likes, visualizations …) there is no difference. As we said, it’s an identical copy of YouTube.


DTube is a video page that works through blockchain and P2P technology. This means that all the content of the platform is controlled by the users through the evaluations and comments of the videos. A feature that clearly differentiates YouTube, who makes a thorough control of everything that is uploaded to your portal.

Well, although when you enter DTube we will see an aspect similar to YouTube – your search tools are very similar – the reality is that both services work in a totally different way. One of the most striking aspects is that the success of the videos is not measured by visualizations. But directly shows how much money the user has won with the video.

On the other hand, one of the consequences of users being in charge of controlling content is that there is no censorship. For this reason, all types of videos, such as movies and series, content subject to copyright or channels with adult material, are available on DTube. However, if there is an inappropriate video, the negative ratings of the users make it no longer appear in popular.

As a variety of content, DTube still can not compete with other video portals. Since it is missing more material dedicated to music, sports or gaming. Also, it only allows reproducing in the resolution of 480p, while the load of? the videos can get a bit heavy at certain times.

In summary, although DTube is a tool that is still a bit green. We believe it has a huge potential to become one of the reference video platforms. Visit his official website!


Metacafe is a free streaming video portal that is characterized by the short duration of its videos, which have an average duration of 90 seconds. The platform was born in 2003 as an alternative to YouTube and DailyMotion and, to date, has more than 40 million users worldwide.

Like YouTube, users can comment on the videos, share them or rate them with a “like” or “I do not like it”. Likewise, there is also the possibility of performing personalized searches, accessing different categories (pets, comedy, animation, sports …) or find the best videos of the moment in the categories “Popular”, “Latest” or “Trending”.

Metacafe offers some features that position it very well between the different portals of videos. Such as the uploading of videos without limits -both of time and file size-, parental control or the complete gratuity to be a member.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that the videos are of poor quality. And have many advertisements, in addition to the fact that there is not too much variety of content. In addition, the platform is only available in English.

Now, if you are looking for a page of funny videos to pass the time or to upload your own creations without restrictions, Metacafe fulfills the leftovers. You can access their website or download the official Android app.


Do you have a company and want to publicize your activities through the creation of videos? This is what you will have with Brightcove. A service for the publication of videos oriented to the professional or business environment.

With Brightcove, companies have a video platform that works with HTML5 code, a feature that allows them to insert personalized content both in their web pages and in their social networks. The videos are of unbeatable quality and they can insert advertising to generate profits. Other benefits are:

Live retransmission of events

Tools to analyze the viewing tendencies of the videos.

Multi-platformm support: SmartPhone, desktop version, video consoles, and Smart TV.

Sale of content.

No time limit on loading videos. You can upload up to 2GB per video.

On the other hand, depending on the type of user, two types of channels can be created. One focused on creators and producers of independent content and the other for companies and advertisers.

To have unlimited access to Brightcove you must choose between some of their plans depending on the use you are going to give them and contact their administrators to know the price. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your services for free for 30 days without commitment. And without the need to enter bank details. Then, we leave you with a link to the official website.