At CES 2015 Archos will present a new system for the management of the house: Archos Smart Home

At CES 2015 Archos will present its new Smart Home for the management of the house, reflecting the fact that what we have said recently on the home automation is not at all exaggerated and is starting to be unlikely since the end of this year will home companies’ goals for the coming years, even at the expense of established technologies far as those wearable (smartwatch, bracelets, smart clothes and so on).

TechnologyTo announce that there must be at CES 2015 Archos Smart Home was just the company, who wanted to make the point of how to intervene on the home automation:

“We are in an age – these, the words of Loic Poirier, CEO of Archos – where you want to have everything under control and, with regard to this trend, the house occupies a central place: it does not matter whether we are at work or elsewhere, know what is happening in our house, being able to handle any situation, even when we are not present, it is an idea that we really like.”

The system Smart Home Archos will be distributed to € 119.99 and will be compatible with most of the major brands in the market:

“Thanks to the new feature ‘Learn & Control’, users can connect and control all the accessories of the house connected to the tablet or smartphone: shutters, garage doors, plugs, lamps etc … become accessible anywhere at any time from your mobile or inserted in the smart home programs; to connect accessories to each other for easy home automation. […] When you turn on your Archos Smart Home is compatible with cameras FOSCAM, the market leader in IP cameras that enable users to stream video directly from your smartphone or tablet. […] In order to allow a greater interconnectivity between connected objects, social networks and other applications, ARCHOS opened its tablet and application SmartHome in IFTTT (If This Then That ), the popular online system that allows anyone to create a simple binding of consequence between objects and tools online. […] For example, to turn on the heaters at the desired time or turn on the light through their Twitter account!”.

The price of Archos Smart Home is really low, but the whole system seems very complete: we will keep you updated on the information of the CES 2015, not sure that we will remain disappointed by the work of the company.