The Tik Tok application has experienced a meteoric rise during these four years. In fact, a recent study has shown that for the months of September and October, Tik Tok is the most downloaded application on the App Store. However, users have become increasingly fearful of this rapid development. If you too are not starting to follow the pace too much, it is time to look for other applications that you will certainly like. To give you an idea, here is a list of apps like TikTok.

The 5 best apps like TikTok

Likee – community and creator of magic videoapps like TikTok

Likee the best alternative apps to TikTok on Android and iOS. It is a video sharing community that groups all types of video. Whether it’s lip-synced videos, dances, humor, shows, duets and many more, you will find them on Like. Like Tik Tok, Like provides tools, a music library, and original functionality to create your own video. Do you dream of creating a video with filters that increase according to the volume of your music? With Like, you can personalize your video with a large number of filters and magic effects and in 4D. In addition to offering a collection of filters, you also have tools to cut, adjust the speed, merge several videos into one, etc. Even if it’s a full video platform,

Vigo Videoapps like TikTok

Previously known as Flipagram, Vigo Video allows its users to create and share engaging videos and slideshows with filters, effects, and music. In just 15 seconds, you can show off your hidden talents and share content about fashion, dancing, singing, cooking, jokes, and whatever goes on in your head. In addition, for a more eye-catching video, you can use effects, filters, functions to beautify your face. However, the difference of Vigo Video with other applications is that you can make some money from the videos you share. In fact, for videos with many views, the app gives you points convertible into money. So, why not combine the useful with the pleasant and start creating videos on Vigo Video. It is one of the best apps like TikTok.

Instagramapps like TikTok

Among the alternatives to Tik Tok, you have the famous social network Instagram. Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and video series and interacting with people around the world. However, if Instagram’s main goal is to share ordinary videos instantly, you still have access to filters and effects to enhance them. You have access to features that allow you to create videos in loops, reverse, zoom to stand out. Note, however, that you do not have the tools or the music library to make lip-sync and musical videos. However, you can use third-party apps to make the video and then share it on your Instagram account.

Lassoapps like TikTok

The new Facebook application is inspired by the famous Tik Tok platform. In fact, still being tested, this app allows future users to capture a short, entertaining video and share it with other users. Its functionality is almost identical to Tik Tok, people will have to choose the music and take a video for a determined period. Afterward, they can add filters, effects, and stickers. However, if with Tik Tok, users will be able to upload a video from their mobile, this will not yet be possible with Lasso. Only direct capture via the app is allowed at this time.

Kwaiapps like TikTok

Kwai is also one of the alternative apps to Tik Tok available on iOS and Android. With this app, you can share videos to attract millions of fans and be rewarded with money. In addition, to have more views, you can edit your video with 4D effects, animated filters, stickers, texts, etc. In addition, you have tools to cut, merge, crop, split your video. You are free to share funny videos, trends, beauty tips and everything that tells everything and anything at the same time. In addition, if you are lacking in inspiration, you can follow the challenges, dance battles and videos that talk about special events on Kwai. You also have the Story function to create ephemeral videos.

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