The versatility of Android is also seen in these cases: no one would dream of running Pokemon or Super Mario on a smartwatch Android Wear, but you have to pick from this news is that the operating system developed by Google can be used truly for all even to do things that no one would have ever imagined.

TechTo prove it, and surprise, without a shadow of doubt, Corbin Davenport, already known for bringing Android-Wear Windows 95, Minecraft and Doom: today, however, used the operating system to run the emulator VGB (Virtual Game Boy), when they have, of course, MOGA Pocket controller that allowed him to play quietly in the games that marked a generation of players after another.

A guide signed by Corbin Davenport

Corbin Davenport is an expert, but I remember that he himself wrote a guide rather simple inter alia, on how to implement the various games on Android Wear on this website if you have one smartwatch and you are just curious to understand as you do, you just need to click on the link that we have provided, not without a look at the video at the beginning.

Congratulations to Corbin for his unquestionable skill and Google in the characteristics of his little green robot.