In the world of gadgets and computers and especially Windows desktops Asus is a brand that has wide trust for quality and reliability. Get the benefit of enjoying the amazing style and features of this amazing Asus ET2040IUK PC that is available at best prices on Amazon store.

Amazon brings you offers for buying both the variants of Asus ET2040IUK desktop at the best possible prices. This means you can take any of the Pentium or the Celeron one through Amazon and enjoy the benefits of using an Asus PC.

Asus ET2040IUK PC

Specifications and Features

The key features of this great Asus Pc includes its 19.5 inch HD LED display screen, built in back power, innovative gesture control, good I/O connectivity, lightning fast speed, great graphics, built in Asus apps and more.

Innovative Gesture Control Feature

The innovative gesture control feature of Asus ET2040IUK ensures that you can enjoy the fun of experiencing hands free entertainment. You can control the media players, browse through the internet and surf through the pictures right from being at a distance of up to five meters from your Asus all in one ET2040IUK computer. This is possible because of the advanced HandGesture Recognition Software (HGRS) that uses the built-in camera to accurately interpret movements. The fun lies in not using any of your keyboard, mouse or screen and yet being able to perform functions on your Asus PC.

Good Display

Asus PC has a 19.5 inch HD LED display screen that offers a clear, crisp and bright view that is a feast to your eyes. The LED backlight ensures that you enjoy instant on brightness and sharp contrast and also saves energy and power. All movies and pictures get livelier with Asus’ vibrant and vivid colors and great clarity.

Rich Sound

The built in stereo speakers of Asusall in one PC ET2040IUK offer an ultimate audio experience with its rich sound that uses the Asus SonicMaster technology.

Complete Connectivity

With Asus ET2040IUK, you get to experience complete connectivity since it is blessed with a comprehensive array of I/O ports. This Asus PC has faster, more efficient and more expandable USB ports that are ultra fast in their connectivity and work with small charging. You can recharge your smartphones, tablets or other USB devices up to 50% faster with the USB ports of Asus ET2040IUK.

Final Say

Get this amazing Asus PC that comes with industry leading reliability and quality that you can trust at great price offers. What else do you need when you are getting to benefit from these list of interesting features wrapped with the brand name of Asus that is the most recommended brand of Windows desktop.


If you are still having confusion regarding the Asus ET2040IUK, you could check a video trailer up here directly from Asus.