There are broadly two types of internet monitoring software available in the market. Both these types of software come with a bunch of monitoring tools that work together to guard computers from threats of varied kinds.

 A guide to child computer monitoring and employee monitoring Software

Child monitoring software

One of these monitoring programmes is meant for children’s safety on the internet. Since the internet is so full of hazards and dangers you need to make sure that your child visits only harmless sites. If you want to ascertain that your child is using internet for educational purpose and not opening any inappropriate portal you need to invest in child PC monitoring software. Furthermore, most internet chat rooms are full of paedophiles that are predatory and manipulative in nature.  To protect your child you need to limit their chat room activity and keep a tab on their email activities as well.  Being a parent you would obviously want to control your child’s smart phone or PC activities and track their movements and now it is possible with quality monitoring software that comes with features like;

  • GPS tracking
  • Logs of all text messages and calls
  • Restrict applications
  • Time restriction
  • Website filter
  • Anti-abduction mode
  • Panic alert

A guide to child computer monitoring and employee monitoring Software2

Employee monitoring software

Another type of monitoring software is the one designed for keeping a close eye on employees’ computer and internet usage. By installing monitoring software that is armed with encryption and security tools you can track those employees that access portals irrelevant to their work, download video, music and gaming files during office hours. Quality monitoring software comes with a keylogger that tracks all keystrokes made by staffs. Network monitoring software can keep track of 100s of computers at one time. Aside from computers, you can also track the smart phone activities of your employees. This software can help you turn some specific features on their smart phones during work hours. You can also be aware of their whereabouts by activating this software on their smart phones through GPS tracking facility. Some of the notable features of this software are;

  • Call history
  • Messenger logs
  • Real time tracking
  • Usage of mobile data
  • Restriction of phone time
  • Remote uninstall

Even if you don’t know much about the ways of installing this software you can visit the website of any quality monitoring software like You will find easy to understand instructions on activating the software.

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