Web accessibility is an important aspect which has been discussed in this primer. It has been seen that web accessibility is not only beneficial for users with disabilities but for business as well. Web accessibility refers to designing a website such that people with disabilities can use it, perceive, navigate and interact successfully with ease. As the internet plays an important role, it is essential that challenged population of the world is not deprived of it. It is important to note that some visitors cannot see graphics; few cannot hear the audio and some cannot operate the mouse. Some people who access the internet have difficulty in navigating sites which are cluttered and have unclear directions.

TechnologyMaking websites accessible

As per the Americans with disabilities Act’s amendment in 2008 it has become mandatory for all U.S. programs and services to be accessible for the challenged. A well-organized site makes it easier for the visitors to navigate through the content. A consistent design and uncluttered appearance is an important aspect of accessible web design. If the same feature such as the navigation menu is included in every page, it should be placed in the same location. If you stick to clear and consistent presentation techniques your site will be more accessible to visitors with learning disabilities. Visually challenged individuals will find it easier to surf.

Right web design techniques

The backgrounds which you choose in accessible web design should be simple. Ensure that the pages have enough contrast. Visitors with color-blindness will find it difficult to read content on sites with dark colors. Keep obscure text out and ensure that there is adequate contrast between the text and the background. The colors for the text, links and background should be chosen carefully. You can make use of HTML to ensure that your content is accessible through all browsers. Make use of multimedia formats which include audio.

Making websites user-friendly

By adding captions to videos and transcribing other audio, you will cater to the population which has hearing disabilities. These alternative methods of accessing information will be used by this audience. When you address the accessibility concerns, you can consider adding a note about it. You can ask for suggestions which will improve the accessibility of your website. Take note of the fact that the visually impaired section of the society will not be able to see the graphical elements. You can consider adding text alternatives which will help the visitors to comprehend the content on the page.

Profitable for business

Web accessibility combines both old and new technology to present information in a suitable form which can be accessed by the blind. You can adopt new techniques to improve technical accessibility. Web accessibility is of vital importance as you can ensure success of your website when a larger number of users visit it. By catering to the disabled section, you can augment your business and work towards greater revenues. If your website is not taking into account the need of the disabled, you are leaving out a large section of your potential audience.

Using assistive technology

It is important to take into account the various kinds and levels of disability. Accessible web design is one of the best ways in which you can interact with the disabled population. You can reach out to individuals who cannot read the print material and cater to those who prefer an online store to a physical one. Accessible websites work well with the older users. A well designed with assistive technology will include screen readers and screen magnification software. It is being predicted that in the next few years the online world will benefit in several ways with accessible web design.

Author Bio: Fred Rogers is a brother to a visually challenged teen and is successful as a web designer. He has written an enlightening blog on accessible web design.