Many e-commerce store owners largely underestimate the power of social media. Some believe that because it does not directly add to their revenue, it is useless as a marketing tool. Others simply don’t have the time for it. Between building the business, filling orders and having the items shipped, there’s little or no time left for any social media marketing.

Whatever your reasons are, there’s a strong case to be made for the effectiveness and use of social media. In fact, some e-commerce stores are making a killing off of their social media marketing campaigns. The trick is to know how to work that marketing tool to give you the results you desire. That said, let’s get to the reasons why your e-commerce site needs to be on social media.

Fantastic for Building Your Brand and Widening its Reach

You see, social media may be a little slow for generating sales. However, as an effective brand building tool? You will not find one that’s that potent. Okay, scratch that, you probably will, but it’ll cost you a small fortune. Every successful business is associated with and identified by its brand. This means that if you can find a way to build your brand, you’ll make a ton of money. You want your e-commerce store to the go-to store for everyone online, and others connected to them. One of the ways to do this is by doing a lot of social media marketing.

Great for Sales and Deals

As an e-commerce store owner, chances are that you often do clearance sales, run special offers, price slash offers and deal of the day. The first and best place to post notices of these offers is on your social media accounts. You see, people often engage on these platforms. As a result, they are likely to jump on these offers once they come up.

You may also want to do special deals on a weekday consistently. For instance, you could do a special Tuesday price slash offer every week strictly on your social media accounts on some of your most valued products. Once people know what days to expect these sales, you bet they’ll keep refreshing that page for your deals.

Drives Traffic

Social media sites are excellent traffic generation sources. Sure, it may not often translate into direct sales compared to some paid advertising channels, but the traffic when properly courted, can translate into buyers and clients. This is even more potent if you already have an active social media audience. You can list a new product and mention it on your social media accounts and then watch the media frenzy or the hordes of traffic that you’ll be driving to your website.

Excellent for Customer Interaction

There’s no better place to connect with and get to know your audience for free. Not just that, if you are looking to do a survey, conduct a poll or ask a question, guess where you’ll most likely get instant feedback? Your social media account. It is also a great place to do some beta-testing, product rollout or group sampling. You cannot underestimate just how powerful social media is particularly when in the hands of a seasoned and highly experienced marketer.

Cheap Advertising Method

Unlike media buys and PPC ads, social media marketing does not cost a fortune. Moreover, for the possibility of a broad reach, there’s almost no other advertising media that is that cheap. Social media marketing when done right will probably cost you nothing. Moreover, you can have tens of thousands of fans who are always actively involved with your brand.

As you can see, if your e-commerce store is not on social media, you are probably losing out a lot. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on now and take advantage of tis goldmine.

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