The mobile phones of today aren’t just utilitarian modes of telecommunication – they are also the extension of one’s personal and professional lives, a warehouse for photographs and a vehicle for staying close to friends and family. All of this precious information is kept in a very delicate device. One drop on a hard ground could spell the end and the loss of that information. This is why it is so important to keep your phone safe and protected. While keeping your phone in a case is important – you should also take other measures to keep your phone out of harm’s way. Here are five helpful mobile phone protection tips.
 Mobile Phone Protection Tips

  1. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight. The sun can be a giver of light and life, but it can also be a taker and destroyer of phones. Have you ever gotten the temperature warning on your phone? If you leave your phone in the sun for too long, it could fry the hard drive and other essential components. If you plan on leaving your phone in the car to run into a store, you probably want to place it under a seat and away from direct sunlight.
  2. Use a thick case – something that really protects. It is also incredibly important to use a thick case, like an OtterBox case. You can actually search “Otterbox case iPhone 6” online for a wide array of cases. Not only will these cases protect your phone, but they can also give your phone a great aesthetic upgrade. Make sure, though, that you go for hard plastic, because soft rubber can be less effective.
  3. Don’t bring your phone around water. If you head into the pool, bath or hot tub, you want to leave your phone in your shoe or someplace where it is safe. The last thing you want is to jump into a pool and realize that your phone is in your back swimsuit pocket. Even getting into a pool or tub while holding your phone can prove to be a terrible mistake – what happens if you slip or fall? – That could be the end of your phone!
  4. Always remember to keep your phone in your pocket or purse. It is also imperative to keep your phone in your purse or pocket – whenever you can. The moment you take your phone out and leave it on a table is the moment that you may forget your phone later.
  5. Program a safe code to access the data on your phone. It is also important to protect the information that is inside the phone. In order to do this, you want to employ a safe code that people must enter before they can gain access. Some phones have fingerprint access, so you can literally open your phone with the simple scan of a thumb or index finger print. If you use your phone for everything, you certainly don’t want someone with nefarious intentions to gain access. In the end, it is imperative to keep your photos, financial information, and other confidential documentation safe and sound.