The 3D printer market is still growing, but still does not take off, even though the increases in volumes are important.

3D printers accelerate sales but still soar. The forecast for the future, however, are very good. Despite the decline in prices and the proliferation of available models, this revolution has not yet set in the general public.

With prices significantly dropped, now you can take home a device of this kind without fainting, but the boom has not yet materialized.

TechCompared to 2014, during which 98 000 copies have been placed, next year sales worldwide are expected to grow by 75%. Because certainly positive, but still weak to speak of a true democratic diffusion.

The projections, however, talking about a significant increase in the next few years, reaching 2.3 million share of units sold in 2018, when the revenue is expected to grow to 13.4 billion dollars, against 1.6 billion expected for next year.

A nice boost could come from models with a higher sophistication, when their price list will become accessible to most pockets.

3D printing is to become soon a new technological frontier. The applications are very interesting in the future. Many innovations, many advances, vast opportunities offered by this sector, in constant evolution.

The development of this technology continues to advance in various sectors, touching unexpected areas such as medicine and construction.

Remarkable dynamism expected for new devices based on laser sintering, which should allow you to print three-dimensional metal structures. The metal powder, arranged on a platform, with the aid of a laser melting, lead to create complex structures multiplying layers and steps, overcoming the handicap of the current solutions, which are of serious limitations in the realization of objects that are difficult to shape.

The real benefit to consumers will be this, because today the prices of conventional 3D printers have dropped so flashy, bringing them to the level of accessibility, but functionally not yet at the top. Now looms the possibility of a sharp improvement in quality, cost more and more affordable for buyers. We just have to wait and see what happens.