As the coach of a youth sports team, you have many responsibilities. Even though none of the team’s youths may be your own, you are technically an extended member of their family. You will be involved in helping shape their character as well as teaching them how to play the respective sport. You will be tasked with administrative duties like updating stats, scores and schedules. With a sports schedule maker, though, software can make these tasks less tedious.

Here are three responsibilities you will taking on as a youth sports coach.

Teach the Sport

First and foremost, as a coach, you will be teaching the youths on the team how to play the team’s sport. If it is a baseball team, you will teach the youths how to play their positions as well as the basic concepts of outs, innings and strikes. Some youths on your team may be participating fun while others may have aspirations of becoming a professional athlete, so it will up to you to gauge how much beyond the basics you will teach each team member. Plus, if you identity natural talent, help it develop to its fullest.


Build Character

Again, while you may not be the parent of any of the members of your team, as a coach, you will still play a role in the development of their character. The length of time you end up coaching each child is not vital because some lessons can be ingrained in a person’s mind in a few minutes. Sportsmanship, perseverance and lifelong healthy habits are some of the mindsets you can influence. While the #1 priority should be to create a safe and fun environment, indirectly instilling positive lessons in them will be rewarding in the long run.

Team Management

Depending on how large your youth’s team staff is, you may or may not wear multiple hats. As the team’s coach, you may be tasked with ensuring all the team’s paperwork like permission slips, insurance forms and player information are completely filled out. You may also be asked to help retain sponsors, advertise and publish the team’s stats.

Coaching a youth sports team, especially if you are passionate about sports and shaping young minds, can be rewarding. You will have the opportunity to teach the sport, influence the character of your team’s members and manage the team’s inner workings.