Its time when all will agree that whether on the go or stationed at a place, home or office, shopping or relaxing, gadgets have always made life simpler for each one of us. The more the innovation in this area the better suited the gadgets are for us. Sites like madblogz.comare very useful to find gadgets and see what companies have to offer.

So here we bring to you the latest gadgets that can further ease life for you:

  1. Logitech Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard: In spite of the computing platform, the device can be used for three devices at an instance. You can be working on your computer, switch easily to your smartphone and answer a message or use messenger using your tablet. Great functioning!
  2. Logitech Type-S: This is a thin and shielding keyboard case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S10. The devise easily protects and safeguards both the sides of your tablet. It has an in-built keyboard via a Bluetooth and the keys are far spaced to assist in comfortable typing.
  3. Livescribe Echo Smartpen: The best pen that could have been discovered. Keep taking down the notes and if you cannot match pace, switch on the recorder in the pen. Record all that is played and listen it later. You will never miss an important point now!
  4. SyrenPro: Resistant to the weather outside this is a wireless outdoor Bluetooth speaker that has wireless stereo paring. So you can create your own streo system without the wires using speakers. The battery used in the device can last up to four hours so now you can have music anywhere, anytime!
  5. LaCie RuggedKey: This Key is build to absorb the shock of falling from heights and still be safe. The key also has an USB 3.0 interface so you can now save your data in your key itself!
  6. Photo iPad Scanning Dock: This scanner will save your cherished photographs directly to your iPad. You just have to install the application and it shall start performing. So the photographs that are now in a hard copy can be easily saved in your personal device. The chances of losing your memories are reduced considerably. Can you believe that, this device takes less than 12 seconds to convert your pictures!
  7. Soundwall: The latest and most improved of all the technologies ever heard off! If you are in love with sounds and you enjoy what you see along then you can go for the Soundwall. It is a canvas wall that is a speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in built. So the entire canvas you see iare the speakers of the wall! As of now the available canvases are limited to what the website has to offer. However, going forward changes and innovations are expected in the Soundwall.
  8. Kube: A marvelous new invention. It acts as a 60 pound cooler and when needed it can be turned into a Bluetooth speaker! Yeas you heard it right, so all the frequent travelers you can pack up your beer for the journey and let it remain chilled. If you happen to take a break convert your cooler into a speaker and let the music play!
  9. Lantronix Zano: The apt device for your smart phone to access the conjunction in your device. It is the size of your palm and is monitored by your smart phone itself. The device helps you overcome the obstacles and discovers them for you. You can find the exact location of the conjunction with the help of this device.
  10. Misfit Swarovski Shine: Another new bling gadget from the crystal powers. The device is a fitness tracker and is surrounded by the crystals all around it. The crystals are used to store the solar energy and then this energy is used to power the device. Indeed a good use of solar energy, so you do not waste money on batteries anymore!
  11. Ring: Were it as a ring on your finger and control some of the functions of your phones with this gadget. Please note that Ring is compatible with only few of the smartphone functions. The metal version was introduced a bit in the past, however, the latest version is in plastic. All you need to do is wriggle your finger and get the work done, so you can tweet, switch on the flashlight or make a shape on your phone canvas.
  12. Pacif-i: You have always been a situation when your baby refuses to take thermometer! So why not have their pacifier monitor their temperature! Yes, PAcif-I helps you monitor the temperature of your baby while also acts as a normal pacifier. So the hassle is now done away with.

These devices are bound make life simpler for you and add to the existing fun to your life. This is purely for your ease and is a non-promotional article. Who knew that technology could make such a difference to the mankind!

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