Do you usually buy in thrift stores and fear getting ripped off? Follow the letters below to avoid Scams.

If you normally buy in thrift stores it is normal that you are afraid that they can deceive you. Online scams are the order of the day. We do not see the product on hand and we do not know the seller either. In addition, in most of the occasions, the stores are usually only a mere showcase for the purchase-sale. That is, platforms as popular as Wallapop, Vibo or eBay are not responsible for the transactions of their users. As buyers, this leaves us in most cases defenseless against all types of scams. That is why we wanted to develop a series of tips that you should take into account when buying in second-hand stores. Take note.

Tips to Avoid Scams In Second Hand Stores


One of the rules number one to avoid being cheated in second-hand stores is to look at the score that has the seller or store in which you want to buy. Most buying and selling platforms require prior registration. Many of these stores and users have already done business, so they have a rating of more or less note or stars. This will allow you to get a better idea of whether it is prudent to buy or better to avoid it. Other second-hand websites such as Milanuncios lack a rating system. In cases like this, put into practice the rest of the tips that we are going to give you. Check this article 5 Surefire Strategies For Increasing Customer Loyalty Online


Second-hand stores like Wallapop or Vibo allow you to find products according to location. This is always an advantage since we can carry out the transaction on hand to avoid scams. And it is not the same to have to buy without seeing the product, to have the ability to meet the seller and see it in hand. At the time of the appointment, keep in mind to carry it out in a busy place. Never stay in solitary streets or places far from urban centers. It is best to see yourself in a cafeteria and do business there. Check your purchase with the magnifying glass. If it is a cell phone. Check that the IMEI matches the one in the box and that it works without problems. Try to find products, in addition, that is still under warranty. That will always give you the security of being able to send it to the technical service in case something should happen to you. Continue Reading- The 7 best apps to motivate yourself and meet goals in 2018


Always distrust very cheap prices. If you doubt if it is a bargain or not, compare the prices of that same item in other second-hand stores or websites. If you see that the difference is obvious, it is possible that it is a scam. Imagine you see an iPhone 7 Plus for 150 euros. The description is elaborated, the photos are authentic and even the seller’s phone number appears. There may be situations in which everything seems normal until you see the price. Logically no one gives anything, so if the price is very low is likely to be ripped off or something happens to the product that does not indicate in the description.


It is possible that one day browsing your Facebook wall you will run into an advertisement with an interesting product at a good price. When you click on the link you will end up on a page that looks like a normal online store, but then it is not. Once you pay you do not receive the purchase and you have even entered the numbers on your bank card, with the danger that this has. So, how to distinguish if it is a fraud or not? Facebook fights against this type of scams, although sometimes it is not quite fast and it sneaks false advertising that leads to fake second-hand stores. In these cases, your intuition and having a view of lynx are the necessary weapons to prevent you from being teased.

The first thing you have to do if you see a striking ad on your Facebook wall is take a look at the page where it comes from. See the section of the reviews to see if there are negatives. If there is any other then it begins to distrust. But that is not all. It is also suspicious if you see spelling mistakes in the texts. Or there is not enough data in the “Information” tab. And is that although the business is new, the logical thing is to have updated social profiles. Also, keep in mind to check that the page has the obligatory sections that every online store must have. That is physical and real information of the company (holder, NIF / CIF, return policy, well-written legal texts or conditions of sale).


If you can not make the purchase in hand, try to always pay with PayPal. Keep in mind that this payment system is so secure that it protects your Internet purchases in the case of not receiving the item or of not having authorized a payment. Likewise, PayPal does not send the bank details to the seller, nor do they appear in the transaction. It also returns the full amount and up to the shipping costs in the case.

On the other hand, we take the opportunity to advise you that if in the second-hand store you enter several payment methods are advertised (Credit card, Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer or cash on delivery) and then only allow you to pay with one, distrust always. Not only can they try to cheat you, but they fall into illegality.

In the event that they finally cheat you, it is advisable that you contact the police to file a complaint. Not only will you warn of what is happening to prevent the author from continuing to deceive other users. You will also inform them so they can try to find it as soon as possible. It can stop Scams.