Good for you. Gaming is a huge topic, with many branches to explore and analyze in-depth, providing you with enough content for years. It is also a lucrative industry, always in need of promotion and marketing, ensuring you a consistent revenue – if you do it right, of course. Before you begin, let’s take a look at what your possibilities are – in short, what you can write about.

1. Console games

This is maybe the most limited niche of them all, with just a handful of hardware platforms to cover. The console game market is dominated by a series of A-list developers, which makes it a bit easier to keep up with all the news. Besides, there are a lot of exclusive titles released on consoles – thanks to the consoles’ manufacturers and their game development studios.

02 - internetdiscada.com2. Browser games

This is a huge niche, with an incredible variety of game types and platforms to cover. You can cover with Unity, HTML5, Flash, you can choose casual, RPG or even casino games – you will always have something to write about.

When it comes to casino games, you’ll also have multiple platforms to cover. The Red Flush Casino offers its players a series of games on three distinct platforms. Players can download and use the free software suite offered by Red Flush on Windows-based PCs, play a series of its games through their desktop browsers, and also play them in a mobile browser window or through a native mobile app. And the game variety at Red Flush Canada is amazing, with hundreds of titles to cover or review, and new games added every month thanks to the diligent and talented team of developers behind it. On top of all that, you can also cover their winners, their promotions and their news. The Red Flush will provide you with heaps of fresh content, as well as various opportunities to fill your pockets.

3. PC games

Perhaps the biggest niche of them all. PC games are released both by major developers and débutant game studios, as well as independent game developers and enthusiasts. Besides there are also zillions of MODs to write about, plus game remakes, console ports, you name it. Keeping up with the new game releases might be hard, especially around the holidays when most big names time their releases. There is a lot of content to cover in the PC gaming market.

4. Mobile games

Perhaps the fastest growing niche of them all. You will have three major platforms to cover – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With the upcoming release of Windows 10 for mobile devices the Windows Phone niche might even get a bit of a momentum, too. Mobile games tend to be the most lucrative ones, too, and might be the best choice if you intend to make a living off your gaming blog.

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