Snowcookie is a new accessory for skiing and snowboarding: here are the main features

Snowcookie is a vital accessory, but, in the end, which is really the gadget, especially if we talk about wearable technology ?

TechDespite this, Snowcookie will certainly be appreciated by those who practice winter sports, since it is a small high-tech hard to attach to ski or snowboard to control all the progress and performance. We see the first details available.

Application connected to Snowcookie provides information arising from the combined data of two sensors: in addition to those on the progress and performance, the accessory will allow to know the position of the body and the skis through headphones connected to the smartphone. The whole is based on the Intel chip Edison, then we speak definitely of an accessory of good quality.

It is still unclear what will be the launch price, since Snowcookie is a project in development, and it seems to be launched together with glasses high-tech HUD Recon : could be, therefore, a package that the company has thought for sports and therefore will be priced quite competitive (as often happens in the case of purchase in pairs).